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International #MeToo Roundup

For those of us living in the United States, losing track of what is happening for women’s rights in other parts of the world is easy. Having a global perspective can be helpful for understanding challenges that women face at home. Here are some updates:


  • Vindu Goel, Ayesha Venkataraman, and Kai Schultz explain that while public allegations against Harvey Weinstein one year ago unleashed a powerful #MeToo movement in the United States, an Indian equivalent did not get started until recently. The authors explain that the combination of the accusations of a prominent Bollywood actress, Tanushree Dutta; the complaints of a comedian, Mahima Kukreja; and the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford in the United States combined to inspire dozens of women in journalism to come forward about harassment by editors, publishers, and reporters. These women have now unleashed an outpouring of #MeToo stories and accusations in other industries in India.


  • In another significant #MeToo moment in China, Ian Johnson writes that the Venerable Xuecheng, the abbot of one of the most prominent Buddhist monasteries in China, was stripped of his titles and influence after Buddhist nuns accused him of sexual misconduct. Johnson notes that the abbot’s fall is a rare case of a politically connected figure being felled in “China’s small but tenacious #MeToo movement.”


#MeToo is putting pressure on governments and organizations everywhere to end sexual harassment and assault to create safer, more respectful cultures. Let’s keep telling our stories.

Anne Litwin, Ph.D. is an Organizational Development and Human Resources Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author of ‘New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together.’

Originally published at on November 19, 2018.

Author of ‘New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together', OD Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Workshop Trainer

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